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Fuí con un amigo a un parque y tomé 1.4 gramos de Psilocybe Cubensis. Mi amigo no tomó nada.
Al principio sentí un leve mareo, y noté como poco a poco iba perdiendo la capacidad de mantener una conversación. Me resultaba casi imposible recordar o imaginar situaciones. Solo podía vivir en el presente; contemplar simple y llanamente cuanto me rodeaba, admirando la belleza natural de las cosas.

Una infinidad de colores vivos palpitaban dentro de cada objeto bailando de una manera mágica, y hasta el más simple de los objetos se volvía todo un universo de complejidad. Dos hojas del mismo arbol resultaban completamente diferentes una de la otra, tán imposibles de comparar como lo son el agua y una roca.

Cada vez prestaba menos atención a lo que mi amigo me decía. todo lo que me contaba me parecía demasiado aburrido, y prefería seguir observando el mágico baile de colores de cualquier objeto. Por otra parte yo intentaba contarle a mi amigo lo que veía, las maravillas que estaban ahí, al alcance de la mano, pero me era imposible comunicarme con él. En mi cabeza los conceptos se entremezclaban y no concía palabras para expresar las sensaciones y estados de ánimo que atravesaba.
Luego adquirí un estado de conciencia complicado de explicar. Me liberé de las necesidades básicas del cuerpo. Hablar de algo que no fuera espiritual me parcía carente de toda importancia. Había entrado en contacto con mi espíritu. siempre había estado ahí, pero ahora era consciente de ello. Sentí que formaba parte de un todo infinito que compone el universo.

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Salimos del parque. El hecho de no estar rodeado de naturaleza me entristecía. Veía carreteras saturadas de tráfico y gente encerrada en si misma, preocupada por banalidades y ajenas a la belleza del mundo. sentí lástima.
Cruzando por un paso de peatones el semáforo se puso en rojo, pero seguí cruzando al mismo paso.

El que un coche pudiera atropellarme no era motivo suficiente para hacerme avanzar más rápido. Sentía que lo único que podían hacer era acabar con el vehículo de mi espíritu que es mi cuerpo. Le perdí el miedo a la muerte.

Luego fui bajando, descendiendo lentamente de la consciencia espiritual a la terrenal. cada vez me interesaba más por lo que me decía mi amigo, y mis incoherencias, si bien distaban mucho de convertirse en una conversación racional, iban cobrando matices inteligibles. Me llevó bastante tiempo bajar lo suficiente como para poder hablar con mi amigo sin distraerme. Seguía siendo incapaz de ponerme en situación. Conforme la unión con mi espíritu iba desapareciendo volvía a ser vulnerable al miedo.
Finalmente llegué a mi casa y acabé viendo el señor de los anillos

My 3rd shroom trip

My 3rd shroom trip

This was my 3rd trip on magic mushrooms. I consumed 5.2 grams of dried Golden Teacher mushrooms in a small bowl of cereal. I was at home with my wife. Within 40 minutes I felt a sudden acceleration into an altered state of mind and intense body sensation that is hard to describe, but best conveyed as being launched into orbit at high acceleration I got into the shower to try and calm myself down and to remind myself that this was not dangerous, I was only experiencing the onset of the experience. While i was in the shower I closed my eyes to see if I could see anything and I saw extremely vivid and bright geometric patterns.
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I stopped hearing the world around me and only heard a low quickly alternating tone. I had this intense sensation that this place was familiar and I could not pinpoint when and where I had been here before. When I finished showering, I felt uneasy and restless so I suggested to my wife that we take a walk. This made all the difference, walking with her just simply letting my mind wander put me at ease. Shortly after beginning the walk, I was able to let my mind wander and not think so much about the high energy levels in my gut.

I previously describe the thought patterns I had experienced in my first two attempts as “racing thoughts”. After this first positive experience I have a clearer perception of the these thought patterns while under the influence. I can best describe the thoughts as running water. Not aggressive as the typical definition of “racing thoughts” describes. These thoughts are much more fluid, not rigid. Although the thoughts are rapid, they are very soothing and very quickly comprehended. Quite enjoyable after letting the mind wander and not trying to forcefully focus on something.

More specifically, during the walk, I had thoughts about life around me and they would fleetingly come into focus, be understood, then as quickly as it came the thought would disappear and be replaced by the next thought very fluently and naturally. By thoughts about life, I mean things going on around me. A great example is when we went walking and reached the playground, our neighbors passed by us in their vehicle for the 3rd or 4th time since we began our walk and my wife made a comment. My immediate understanding was that they are so comfortable using the convenience of their vehicle they had forgotten what it was like to walk somewhere on your own power and the kind of satisfaction you get knowing you accomplished something without causing universal entropy aka consuming resources. I tried to convey this profound epiphany I had to but only managed to make a simple statement with something along the lines of “They forgot about their legs and only think of their 4 wheels.”

What was amazing about this process, was that these thoughts were comprehended in moments of profound clarity somewhere deep in my mind, as if I understood every aspect regarding the thought, the how and the why, with a perfect understanding. The only problem was that the why and how were not consciously recorded as memory, but just instantly understood then taken away. This process felt like a fluid or string with smooth knots running through my consciousness.
Magic Mushroom

Once we came back from our 90 minute walk, we decided to sit downstairs and watch a movie. I felt that the peak of my experience had finally subsided and I was much more at ease and comfortable now. I went to use the bathroom, and closed my eyes to see how vivid and intense the geometric patterns were to help judge the level at which I was still tripping. The patterns were still there, and very beautiful. They had not diminished in their vividness or intensity. I felt extremely mellow and generally happier than before. I also experienced this great respect for life in general and also an immense respect for this substance.

At some point during our walk, my wife commented that she liked me this way because I did not feel like I had to fix everything wrong I see and I was very mellow. This produced a great sense of introspection and realized how right she was. I looked in myself to see why I always felt like fixing things when I saw something wrong. I could not pinpoint the why, however I was able to see that this was the source of my daily stress and anxiety and focused on telling myself to let this aspect of me go. Also thoughts of how I always feel strongly that I am always right about things came to mind so I focused on this for a while also. I could not find the source of my strong feelings of being the correct one, but I was able to see how it affected my life and mental states. Again, I tried to concentrate on telling myself to stop doing this also. Then I realized how I always felt like and told people I have a very open mind and realized just how closed mindedness this behavior of feeling like the right one really was. In retrospect, I believe this is the best kind of psychotherapy and self improvement I have ever undergone. Unable to convey the profound epiphany I just underwent after her comment, I only managed to speak the words “That is why I wanted to do this.”. I very much enjoyed feeling mellow and being commented on my mellow state of mind.

By the time we finished the movie, the experience was over and we continued on our day with our planned light chores. I finished setting up the computer in the office. I shared my initial thoughts with my wife in a deep conversation that night. Thoughts I now can barely remember.